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The Process

When you entrust us with your project, you'll have your very own dedicated Reliant team by your side. This team consists of a sales consultant, a designer, and a project manager who will guide your project from inception to completion. Our process is straightforward yet meticulous. We'd like to take a moment to walk you through it, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of what to anticipate when collaborating with us. 

Step 1

Consultation: Building Connections

Our journey together begins with a complimentary consultation, where we engage in a conversation about your project. This initial discussion allows us to grasp your objectives and vision, enabling us to provide informed recommendations tailored to your needs. We'll also delve into important aspects such as your budget and project timelines.

Following this, our team will craft a dedicated Agreement that clearly outlines the project's scope just for you. Once this agreement is signed and the design fee is paid, we are officially set to commence. Let the excitement and anticipation for the journey ahead take root!

Step 2

The Design Collaboration Process

The enchantment of creation begins with a visit from your designer, who meticulously verifies all project details and takes precise measurements within your home.

Following this, a meeting with your consultant and designer is arranged to reaffirm your vision, define the scope, discuss budget considerations, and establish a project schedule. This collaborative dialogue sets the stage for your designer to craft the envisioned space, complete with visual aids.

Once the plans are ready, we'll organize a comprehensive review meeting with you. Depending on the complexity of your project, this could involve a single review meeting or two, ensuring that every detail is carefully examined and perfected to your satisfaction.

Step 3

Final Budget and Material Selections: Nailing Down the Details

Now comes the opportunity to make critical decisions, and we'll be right there with you, offering guidance every step of the way.

Selections Meeting:

In your Selections Meeting with our trusted vendors, you'll have the chance to choose from a variety of essential elements, including flooring, fixtures, lighting design, and much more! This pivotal phase allows us to prepare a precise project proposal tailored to your preferences.

Team Collaboration Meeting:

Next, we'll arrange a Team Collaboration Meeting, gathering your entire project team at your residence. During this meeting, the team will carefully go over the plans and engage in collaborative discussions to address any outstanding questions or concerns you may have. 

Contract Budget and Plan Evaluation Meeting:

Once all selections and designs are locked in, we'll present and meticulously review the comprehensive budget, drawings, and selections during a Contract Budget and Plan Evaluation Meeting. This final step solidifies our shared vision and ensures that every detail is accounted for in your project plan.

Step 4

Construction and Progress Updates

Pre-Construction Meeting:

We'll organize a Pre-Construction Meeting prior to the start of the construction to delve into logistics and align expectations.

Bi-weekly Walk-throughs:

Once the work is underway, we'll uphold regular bi-weekly walk-throughs with you (virtual or in-person). These walk-throughs provide a valuable opportunity for us to gather your feedback on the project's progress.

We place immense importance on this phase of the process, as our primary objective is to ensure that we consistently meet your expectations. Keeping you well-informed and engaged in the schedule's progress throughout every phase of the project.

Step 5

Project Completion: Embrace Your Newly Transformed Environment

As we approach the final stages of your project, just before the last nail is driven, we'll compile a comprehensive final completion list. This list will detail any remaining tasks or outstanding items, which we will promptly address and complete.

From there, it's your time to unwind in your newly transformed space!

Get Started

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